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The soundproof booths of WASAPO are made by hand in Spain.

We can design and work on your idea so that we can make the soundproof booth your own and needs, in WASAPO we work every day trying to provide our customers with new experiences and knowledge to improve in a continuous work. That is why we are here to listen to you. Not stay with the doubts. Tell us what you need and we will make it posible.

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Attentive to our rehearsal booths for rent, shortly you will have at your disposal soundproofed rehearsal booths in the center of Madrid. In an open and collaborative space you will have your own soundproof booth, individual or for groups (from 110x110 up to the limit you propose). Some booths where you can rehearse at your own pace, with free access, with your own password. With common areas of entertainment and where to take something. This is just the beginning. Go reserving yours that are exhausted !.



Today we say goodbye to the Luthier Guitar Show 2018. Thank the City Council of Madrid, the organizers and sponsors who have made us participate in this interesting and necessary project.

Personally, in this meeting between luthiers, we have reinforced important values ​​such as commitment, collaboration, empathy and respect. On rare occasions I will be able to learn so much in such a limited time. Thanks Vanessa, Daniel, Gabriella, Fran, Alfonso, Emilio, David and Jose, Juan Carlos, everyone knows why. [Keep reading].

I leave you with a summary of one minute of the experience.


WASAPO performs at the Luthier Guitar Show 2018 with Madrid City Council and Guitars Exchange. The biggest event held in Spain about the wonderful world of handmade guitars organized by Luthieres Contemporaneos de España. A great opportunity in which to try, compare and experience handmade guitars, which represent the pinnacle of the construction of musical instruments. Novel proposals, sometimes risky and exploring limits. Technical and aesthetic challenges of teachers who handle their craft perfectly. Reinterpretations of classics, meticulously constructed. New finishes, precious materials and impeccable manufacturing.

Being a "silent" show, where a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere is created that promotes dialogue, you can discover and share the ideas and philosophy behind each instrument. Hand in hand with its creator, they appreciate and reveal the details and nuances that make handmade instruments a unique and exclusive object.

In the soundproof booths the instrument can be fully appreciated. Evaluating its benefits, enjoying the experience with comfort and without interfering with the rest of the event.


So that the experience is relaxed, pleasant and without interruptions, there will be spaces of rest and with "foodtrucks", to regain strength.

It will be a unique event, which is destined to become the reference in the local scene, at the meeting point between guitarists, amateurs and artisan luthiers.

The exhibition will take place on October 13 and 14, 2018 in the "Nave de Terneras", located in the surroundings of "El Matadero", in Madrid.

The situation is unbeatable, close to the center of Madrid and within the huge recreational and cultural enclave that is "Madrid Rio", is perfectly communicated both with the inhabitants of the city and Community of Madrid, and with the main means of transport that allow easy transfers from all corners of the Spanish geography.

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